Fact sheet on the UK’s support for asylum-seeking and refugee children in Europe

The Government is fully committed to supporting and caring for asylum-seeking and refugee children, and we take our humanitarian responsibilities extremely seriously.

In the year ending September 2017, the UK granted asylum or another form of leave to almost 9,000 children and more than 49,000 children since 2010.

In 2016 we resettled more refugees under our resettlement schemes than any other EU country.

However, we are determined to go further and on 19 January we announced a further package of support for unaccompanied asylum-seeking and refugee children in Europe.

This package is in recognition of the pressures faced by several of our European partners, and includes key elements agreed as part of the UK France Summit.

Section 67 of the Immigration Act 2016 (the Dubs Amendment)

We are fully committed to transferring 480 children under section 67 of the Immigration Act 2016. Over 220 children have already been transferred to the UK.

At the UK-France summit we announced that the eligibility date for the Dubs Amendment has changed to 18 January 2018. This applies to France, Greece and Italy.

Changing the eligibility date will ensure that we are able to bring the most vulnerable children from France, Italy and Greece to the UK without creating a pull factor or incentivising illegal travel across Europe.

The total number of children we will transfer to the UK under section 67 of the Immigration Act remains 480.

The Dublin Regulation and asylum

We have always been clear that we are committed to transferring eligible children to the UK under the Dublin Regulation and we work closely with participating countries to ensure that children with eligible family members in the UK are transferred as quickly as possible.

At the UK-France summit we launched a £3.6 million Dublin Development Fund. The UK’s intention is that the fund will be spent on joint projects aimed at improving the efficiency of the Dublin process between the UK and France.

This builds on the work we have been doing with trusted NGOs and international organisations over the past year to help ensure Dublin operates effectively.

Both France and the UK will aim to transfer children within 15 working days and adults within 30 working days, after the responsibility for examining an asylum claim has been accepted by the other country.

As President Macron has said, people already in France and in need of asylum should seek help there. We will support France in relocating and providing accommodation for third country nationals previously based in Calais and Dunkirk areas.

Support in the region

We have committed to resettling 20,000 refugees affected by the Syrian conflict and 3,000 vulnerable children and their family members from the Middle East and North Africa region by 2020.

Over 9,300 individuals have already been resettled under the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme, almost half of whom are children.

In addition, we have pledged over £2.46 billion in aid in response to the events in Syria and the region - our largest ever humanitarian response to a single crisis.