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Home Office in the media

Home Office in the media blog: Tuesday 8 January

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Home Office in the media

Today’s Home Office stories include the migrant boats crossing the English Channel, and proposed anti-drone measures.

Home Secretary statement on migrant crossings

The Times, Guardian, Mail, Express, Sun and Metro report on the Home Secretary’s statement to the House on migrant crossings.

The articles highlight that he told MPs yesterday in a statement to the Commons that “those who arrive on our shores will not be able to claim asylum here if they have already passed through France.”

Most articles note that the Home Secretary’s statement came hours after eight migrants and an alleged people-smuggler were detained in Kent for crossing in an inflatable dinghy.

A quote by the Home Secretary is carried saying that "we are sending a very clear message. If you have passed through a safe country, and that of course includes France, then we would seek to make your claim inadmissible.”

Counter-drone measures

Widespread coverage is given to the Government’s proposed anti-drone measures set to be introduced in the wake of the Gatwick disruption.

The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, Sun, Express, Metro and ITV on broadcast each report new police powers to take down drone near airports. Specifically, the Times reports that the Home Office will now licence jamming equipment that can be used to bring down drones.

The Telegraph adds that the Home Office is “exploring the deployment of new technology at airports and prisons.” The measures are in a Draft Drones Bill due before MPs later this year, it adds.

The Mail and Sun lead on airport staff being allowed to “shoot down drones with shotguns and net bazookas.”

They add that drones will be banned from flying within three miles of an airport, compared with the current 0.6 miles.

The Department for Transport has issued the following guidance:

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